How to cure burns naturally at home

A burn is tissue damage caused by heat or fireTo cure minor first and second degree burns naturally at home, try the following home remedies. The remedies may work well for first and second degree burns, however if you have developed bristles or the burns have effected a large area of the body you should seek medical treatment immediately.

Aloe vera for minor kitchen burns

Aloe vera for burns

Aloe plant is by far the best remedy for minor kitchen burns. If you burn yourself, cut off a leaf, pull off its outer skin, and put the inner part directly on the burn. Then gently pull the leaf of your skin; a coating of aloe jelly will stay behind. You can apply aloe as often as needed to soothe pain. The fresh gel right out of the plant is the most effective, which makes growing aloe as a house or garden plant even more advisable.

Curry leaves for burns

Burns and Bruises can be healed with Curry leaves. It can be effectively used to treat burns, bruises and skin eruptions. Apply a poultice made with curry leaves over the affected areas.

Lavender essential oils to cure burns naturallylavender essential oils for burns

A must in the homemade First-Aid kit. Amazing healing of burns have been witnessed with the essential oil of lavender.

To make the formula, combine 2 ounces of distilled water,2 ounces of witch hazel,and 25 drops of lavender essential oil in a glass spray bottle(dark glass is best because it helps preserve the oil).You can use it as often and for as long as needed,but do not use it on broken skin.

German chamomile essential oil

Apply drops or the amount needed to cover the surface area of the burn. Do this frequently in the first 2—3 hours after being burned. Continue until the pain or swelling goes down. Seek medical attention if symptoms Persist.

 Table salt for burns

Available in all kitchens. Salt works like magic when someone is burned. Apply a thick coating of salt on the affected area. Apply as often as required.

 Honey a natural burn remedy

The slight regard at this time paid to the medicinal virtues of honey is an instance of the neglect men show to common objects,whatever there value. by JOHN HILL. M.D(1759)

Honey is a simple, inexpensive, and natural substance that has been used since ancient times by traditional and folk healers to treat burns. Honey has been found to cure up to a 2nd degree burn successfully.

Honey-impregnated gauze can be applied to the affected are and left for 24 hours. Then reapply again till the burn is completely healed.


Use Calendula to help heal the tissue. Calendula is well known as a treatment for burns. For calendula, use the succus form, Succus refers to the juice expressed from calendula petals. You can buy calendula succus as a tincture (a succus contains more plant extract and less alcohol than a regular tincture). Apply this to the burn 2-3 times daily. Apply it every hour if you like. Treatment should be most intensive on the first day. You can cut back to 1-3 times daily For the next few days, then once a day after that.

Tea tree oil or ointment

Use tea tree oil or ointment to Protect from infection. Apply once a day; tea tree oil is a potent antibacterial agent.

Nutritional Supplements

To aid in healing a burn, you can use supplements both topically and internally.

Topical application: Choose either the vitamin oil or the DMSO, detailed here or one of the herbal remedies above.

Vitamin E and A

Break open vitamin E and vitamin A capsules, or use liquid supplements if you have them. Use 3 parts vitamin E to 1 part vitamin A. Spread the oil blend on your burn, 2-3 times daily for the first couple of days. As with the herbal remedies, you can apply the vitamins as often as hourly. Treatment should be most intensive on the first day.


As an alternative, you can dab liquid DMSO on the burn with a Cotton ball, 2-3 times daily or more frequently, if you like. If you only find 90% DMSO, add 2 parts water to 1 part DMSO to bring it down to 30 Percent. DMSO can repair damaged tissue and speed healing.

Oral supplements

All of these are important nutrients for the skin, take them in addition to your regular multivitamins and mineral until the burn is healed.

Vitamin A

Take extra vitamin A along with your regular multivitamin; 10,000—25,000 IU daily (if you are pregnant or you are breastfeeding, don’t take more than a total of 5,000 IU daily).


Take zinc 60 mg daily.

Vitamin C

5,000 mg daily, taken in 2-3 doses. 

Apply running tap water

Common Wisdom used to dictate the application of butter or other grease to burns.You should definitely discard this practice, along with the notion that ice water can take the heat out quickly. Using ice water on your burn can actually make it worse. Run cool water over the burn instead.

What to eat

Eat green and yellow vegetables, flax seeds (grind in a coffee or herb grinder and sprinkle on salads, cereals and other food). Drink plenty of water.


To ease the pain of a burn, take Urtica urens. Take a 6x or 12x potency as often as needed, even every 15 minutes when the Pain is acute. As the Pain reduces, reduce the frequency. Keep taking until the pain is gone; do not continue the remedy when you no longer have pain.