Cancer Prevention and Cure

aloe for cancer cure and prevention

Cancer has always existed, though it is much more frequent today, we would even say to an alarming degree. It has become part of the routine of modern man. The disease destroys the body cells, and if not defeated in time with cancer prevention and cure remedies, it weakens the cells ruthlessly through the impurities deposited in it.

Blessed is God who gave man so many plants and herbs useful to combat disease, to allow life to continue, and continue in health!

Brazilian remedy to cure cancer

You can follow this simple remedy to cure and prevent the cancers. The remedy uses Aloe and Honey to cure or prevent cancers. Nature has blesses human body with miraculous energies to heal itself, the nutrition derived from the Aloe (arborescens) plant and natural honey provides the resources to accomplish the work.

The promoters of this old Brazilian remedy claim that the results are so satisfactory that people who have been healed, even those in the terminal phases of cancer, are able to return to their normal lives in two or three months, with even greater vigor and with a better quality of life, possibly because they are able to enjoy life once again after all had seemed irrevocably lost to them. Follow the steps listed below to prepare the Aloe, Honey mixture for cancer prevention and cure.

Ingredients Needed

1/2 to 1 kg of natural, unrefined and unprocessed raw honey
2-4 Leaves of Aloe Vera, fresh cut leaves from an 4-5 year age plant of arborescens (Aloe Vera)
2 spoons of distillate
A dark colored glass jar or bottle
A sharp knife

Preparation: Cancer Prevention And Cure Remedy

1. Take two to three Aloe leaves, as old as possible (4-5 years), preferably picked in the dark (during morning or evening). Please make sure that the Aloe plant leaves are taken from a plant that has been out without rain for six days at least. Remove dust or any other impurities left on the Aloe leaves by nature. Use an old cloth, dry or dampened, or a sponge, without getting the leaves wet (no water is used in the preparation)

2. Remove the spines, and cut the transparent gel into small pieces and blend it in a blender. Use a sharp knife to remove the spines along the edge of the leaves, chopping with a light hand, in one fell swoop from the top toward the bottom.

3. Add a cup of honey to the blended Aloe Gel, you can add upto 1/2 kg natural honey; please avoid refined and processed honey.

4. Now mix one spoonful of distillate; a pure distillate is preferred.

5. Blend the three components together Blend well, shredding all the material. In about a minute (depending on the power of the appliance), a kind of green mixture is produced, and it’s ready.Your cancer cure remedy is ready, you can now put the mixture in a dark color jar and place the mixture in the fridge.

How to take the Mix – Dosage

Take one tablespoonful three times a day (preferably 30 minutes before meals) for 10 consecutive days. Stop for 10 days and then start again for another 10 days. Continue this process for as long as the cancer symptoms are present.

A variation of this remedy

1.Half a kilo (11 lbs.) of honey. Do not use synthetic or refined honeys and general fakes.

2. Between 40 and 50 ml (6-8 tsps) of grappa, whisky, cognac, etc. (pure alcohol, wine, beer and liqueurs cannot be used). Note: 40-50 ml is the equivalent of a measure of whisky or a small coffee cup.

3. 350 grams (.77 lbs.) of Aloe arborescens leaves, Use three or four leaves, depending on their length.

The person making up the preparation at home needn’t be too meticulous. The three components must be as near as possible to the quantities above. The efficacy of the preparation will not be affected by exaggerating a bit or forgetting a detail. Therefore, there is no need for precise measurements using the scales. Instead, learn to prepare the blend freely, as if preparing a small corner of the garden to sow with flowers or vegetables. Use your sight and common sense. The essential thing is that these components are included in the beverage. It is the combination of the components that gives the desired effect. We advise the readers to choose the best variant of this recipe — the one they prefer, sweeter or more bitter, as they all promise to heal, which is the ultimate objective. lt is necessary to prepare the blend using the ingredients given, complying approximately with the amounts prescribed.

Note: After preparation of the blend, it is normal for the honey — the heaviest ingredient — to sink to the bottom of the jar; the foamy part tends to rise to the top. Shake the jar well to mix the ingredients before taking it.