Depression cures with natural remedies

Symptoms of depression include lasting negative mood or loss of interest in pleasurable experiences; changes in appetite and/or body weight, sleeping patterns, ability to concentrate, psychomotor function, or energy levels; feelings of low self-worth or guilt; and thoughts about death or suicide.

Natural depression cures

Whether depression is circumstantial—that is, in response to a particular event—or a chronic condition experienced over long periods, natural herbs can assist in elevating mood, increasing concentration, improving sleep and energy levels, and regulating appetite.

Chamomile Teachamomile tea for depression

Soothing  chamomile tea , it’s amazing how much a warm cup of chamomile tea can help calm down nerves and tummy. Chamomile might offer several benefits to people suffering from depression and related conditions. Because of chamomile’s weak sedative effects, it might treat insomnia, nightmares and other sleep disturbances in people coping with depression. Preliminary evidence also suggests that chamomile can ease symptoms of anxiety, which is often associated with depression. Many people with depression also experience painful conditions like headache, backache and irritable bowel syndrome; the University of Maryland Medical Center notes that chamomile might offer relief from these conditions.

Lavender essential oil and lavender tea

lavender tea for depressionLavender can be used for depression characterized by low motivation, energy, and appetite, as well as for depression coupled with anxiety; helpful when a sense of loss affects the heart; calms the mind while also stimulating gently; use in small proportions in tinctures or tea blends—the flavor is strong.

Ginkgobilobaginkgo biloba for depression cure

Ginkgo biloba is an effective herb for depression-its ability to dilate blood vessels to improve circulation in the head, heart, and extremites helping symptoms of aging including memory loss, depression and impaired hearing

Passion Flower

Passion flower – Passiflora is sometimes referred to as nature’s tranquilizer and was commonly used by many Native American tribes for a variety of reasons. It promotes restful sleep, calms nerves and reduces anxiety and agitation. According to the National Institutes of Health, there is little danger of side effects. The few incidents of reported side effects may have been due to impure products. If you decide to try passion flower for depression, brew a tea from the plant itself instead of using commercial products.

St. John’s Wrot

depression cure with st johns wort

St. John’s Wort has long been used for healing wounds but today it’s more known for its use as a remedy for mild to moderate depression.

Linden flowerlinden flower for depression

Linden is a mild acting herb that can help with general stress. It mildly reduces anxious and/or depressed feelings,
lowers blood pressure and eases headaches. It can help you sleep. Linden flowers are an excellent remedy for upset stomachs in both children and adults.

 SAMe supplement to treat depression

SAMe  is used to treat depression in thousands of patients as it manages hormones and neurotransmitters(serotonin, adrenaline, melatonin and dopamine).

Scullcap tea to cure depression

American skullcap or Scutellaria lateriflora was widely used by Native Americans to relieve nervous tension and anxiety, it also has a many other uses. It is best used in tinctures or teas using dried skullcap. Any part of the plant that is above ground can be used, and the leaves are thought to be especially useful for brewing teas. A common calming tea is made with a mixture of lemon balm, scullcap and passion flower. It has many minerals and vitamins, however, it should not be ingested if you are pregnant. Some other uses are to help relieve pain associated with menstrual cramps and to promote menstrual health.

Rosemary tea for depression (Rosmarinus officinalis)

For depression with general debility, sluggish appetite, cardiovascular deficiency, and cloudy thinking (sometimes called “vegetative”); dispels despondency and worry; increases concentration and memory by increasing blood flow to brain; especially effective to dispel brain fog of menopause and aging; its warming effect can dispel chilly toes along with winter blues; great as tincture and added to soups.

Lemon Balm infusion for depression

The infusion of lemon balm is another proven and highly successful home remedy to treat mental depression. Take 30 g of lemon balm and mix it thoroughly in ½ liter of cold water. Then, leave it for 12 hours. You can then take the resulting cold infusion in small doses several times a day. This remedy is very popular for its calming effects on the nerves. It can be very helpful in raising your spirits, lifting your heart from depression and in alleviating brain fatigue.

Apple, Honey And Milk 

Apple is used as one of the most powerful home remedy to treat mental depression. You are advised to eat apples with honey and milk several times a day. It will recharge your brain and nerves with new life and energy. This wonderful brain and nerve tonic is very effective in controlling the wear and tear of nerve cells. Apple contains highly nutritious chemical substances for brain, such as potassium, phosphorous and vitamin B.

Cardamom tea to help depression

You can prepare a cardamom tea by mixing one tea spoon of honey and two green cardamom (powdered seeds are more beneficial) in one cup of boiling water. It adds a mood lifting aroma, which can help you get out of the depression slumps.