How to detox naturally

Since early ages we have known that the accumulation of certain toxins in the body is an important cause of disease, aging and death.  Modern medication has also acknowledged toxicity as a cause of disease, such as the accumulation of bacteria, viruses, or a few other poisons. How can we naturally detox our bodies of such toxins has always been a topic of interest for medical practitioners. Here we list some of the best found detox procedures for our body detoxification

Detox bath for natural detoxification

Simply one of the best ways to detox your body from harmful toxins is through detox bath.

Place one cup of baking soda(bicarbonate of soda) and one cup of epsom salts(magnesium sulfate) in hot water in your bath tub, add few drops of lavender essential oil and soak in it for 15-30 mins, this will have a wonderful alkalizing effect on the whole body. Helps get the calcium back into circulation from joint deposits.

SAMe for liver detox

SAMe(S-adenosyl-methionine) is manufactured by our liver for natural detox. However, If our system is not producing enough of SAMe, we should get it from other natural sources. Easiest is to get it from a natural foods or vitamin store.

Juicing an effective detoxcarrot-detox

Juicing Is considered one of the most effective Detox method. Use raw vegetable juices, but do not have it with food. Try to swish the juice in your mouth for maximum absorption. Take 10-12 ounce of fresh carrot juice daily , its one of the best juices to Detox, The carrots are critical as a source of bioavailable calcium. if you are concerned about your blood sugar you can take wheatgrass juice 1-2 ounce daily. Some other juicing combinations for a good detox are, apple, apple and prunes, apple and pear, apple and cranberry, apple and grapes, apple pear and pineapple, orange and grapefruit, apple and watermelon.

Fasting a real natural detox

Beauty of fasting lies in its simplicity, its simply a practice of abstinence. Start with short fasts and then increase the duration. Fasting helps cleansing your system of toxins. Start slowly and gradually may be with short fruit and juice fasts where you only eat fruits or drink juices and then move towards full fast. In full fast you only drink water with a lemon squeezed in it.  Move gradually from full diet to full fast. First wet your feet by doing mono-diet fasts like a vegetable or fruit fast and once your mind and body is ready only then go for a full fast. Animals naturally fast when they are sick so men and women can also benefit from it and rather than loading our bodies with drugs that interfere with our natural healing system we can fast to cleanse our bloodstream, tissues and cells for deep natural healing. Always fast in a relaxed environment, stressful fast is less beneficial. You can fast one day per week  for several weeks to cleanse your body. A longer fast with juice or single fruits like grapes, apple, or melons  for 3 days per month is also beneficial for detox. Experienced people can even try longer fasts.