Water therapy to fight diabetes


Doctors tell us that once a diabetic, always a diabetic. There is no cure for it. We should be prepared to take medicines for life long. The problem with diabetes is – it doesn’t come alone. It starts affecting each part gradually, causing other diseases. Finally we become dejected and frustrated in life. If you have been diagnosed as… 

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Natural remedies for hypoglycemia


The amount of glucose in the blood is controlled primarily by the two hormones, insulin and glucagon. Too much or too little of these two hormones can cause the blood sugar levels to drop too low (hypoglycemia) or rise too high (hyperglycemia). Cortisol, growth hormone, and catecholamines (epinephrine and norepinephrine) can also influence the blood… 

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30 Day Diabetes Cure plan


Could there be a natural cure to diabetes? Many natural health seekers are looking for an answer to this question. Here we list some options to limit or reduce the need of insulin while your body tries to fight against diabetes. To fight diabetes naturally, follow this 30 day diabetes cure plan. Healing your diabetes is… 

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Type 2 diabetes natural remedies


If you are diagnosed with insulin resistance or prediabetes, your doctor might want to put you on blood sugar-lowering medication as the first line of “defense“ against developing Type 2 diabetes. We urge you not to go down this slippery slope right away. The official medical protocol calls for physicians to try diet and lifestyle… 

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Diabetes natural remedies


Each day in the United States, 18 million people with diabetes walk a tightrope between too little sugar in the bloodstream and too much. Too little blood sugar may cause dizziness, fatigue, headache, sweating, trembling, and, in severe cases, loss of consciousness and coma. Too much blood sugar may lead the person to experience weakness,… 

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