Plantar Warts Home Remedies

fresh lime

Plantar warts are areas of raised and thickened skin caused by a viral infection of the skin cells. They are more common in children and may be very painful if located under a boney area (eg. the ball of the foot). The viruses that cause warts thrive in moist environments and thus these infections are quite… 

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Remedies for foot pain in women


If you happen to visit a podiatrist’s any time soon. take a look around the waiting room while you’re there. Chances are that women will outnumber men four to one. That’s because women have four times as many foot problems as men. And women account for 90 percent of all foot surgeries. Not that there feet… 

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Natural foot scrub


Feet are often the most neglected part of our bodies.  If your feet are in need of pedicure but you don’t have the time to visit a spa, worry not. Try these natural foot scrubs to keep your feet look and feel amazing. Natural foot scrubs from Asia Below are three famous natural foot scrub recipes… 

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Natural remedies for foot pain

milk thistle-t

Do you have sore feet? The average person puts approximately 500 pounds of pressure on feet, just by walking. Multiply that by about 10,000 steps a day, and the stage is set for sore and aching feet. Much of the foot pain we experience comes from overworked lower limbs. These muscles can become fatigued, decreasing their ability… 

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Natural remedies for athlete’s foot


Athlete’s foot, is a common fungus infection in which the skin of the feet, especially on the sole and toes, becomes itchy and sore, with scaling, inflammation and blisters. Blisters that break, exposing raw patches of tissue, can cause pain, oozing, swelling and disagreeable smell. Sometimes this disease can spread to the toenails and other… 

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Heal bluish fingers and toes naturally


Have you ever heard the expression, “cold hands, warm heart”? don’t know if one has anything to do with the other, but if you suffer the painfully cold, bluish-white fingers you might be suffering from Raynaud’s disease. Raynaud’s disease is a condition in which the fingers and toes become pale, splotchy, or bluish as a… 

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