Natural anti lice remedies

Head lice are reasonably mobile, and hence, contagious. They are spread by direct head-to-head Contact, or by sharing items such as combs, brushes, scarves, caps, headphones, hair-bands, or helmets. They can also be transferred from person to person (or re-infested from the same person!) via stuffed toys, theater, car, or bus seats and bedding. Try the natural anti lice remedies to get rid of the lice quickly

Natural anti lice remedies

There are several natural remedies to treat head lice, including products with tea tree oil and other essential oils. Please use the below mentioned remedies with caution and do not try these remedies on younger children

Indian hemp as anti lice

Apply the leaf juice of Indian hemp or the paste of the leaves to the scalp and hair.

Bitter almonds anti-lice paste

Application of the paste of bitter almonds is also good if you are unable to procure the Indian hemp.

Bark of celastrus paniculata

The ointment made of the powder of the bark of Celastrus paniculata mixed with mustard oil is another good remedy for head lice.

Custard apple seeds paste

Apply the paste made of the finely powdered seeds of custard apple with water at bedtime and cover the head with a cloth.

“Caution: The paste should not come in contact with your eyes.”

Tobacco paste as anti-lice

Soak the hair well with tobacco paste and cover with a cloth for two to three hours. Then rinse thoroughly with the emulsion of soap-nut (rita). you can also obtain tobacco from cigarettes. Use two cigarettes to obtain the dry tobacco. Soak the tobacco in a cup of water overnight . Stain the mixture to obtain tobacco water. Shampoo your hair and rinse them thoroughly with tobacco water. Leave the water in your hair for 3-4 hours. for best results you can leave it for 7-8 hours and then wash your hair again with a gentle shampoo or soap-nut emulsion

Alum water as anti lice

Alum is a non-herbal remedy for lice. Dissolve three grams of alum in half a liter of water. Apply this paste regularly on the head.

The first application of any of the above anti-lice remedies, if properly done, usually destroys all the live bugs but does not kill all of the eggs (nits). It is usual to see small lice the day after treatment. It means that new ones have hatched out. That is why a second treatment, 7-10 days after the first to destroy all the new lice that have hatched out since the first treatment and to kill them before they grow old enough to lay nits, is necessary.

Tea tree oil

Use Tea Tree Oil, an anti-fungal for treating head lice, athletes foot, eczema, various yeast infections, etc. Add a small amount to shampoo to destroy head lice.

Clean the environment

If your child has lice, it is possible his environment, i.e, clothes, furry animal toys, coals, sofas, bedding, carpets, car seats, etc. may be infested. Live lice are not usually that much of a problem. However, they may live away from human host for as long as 72 hours and die after a day or so. They can be vacuumed off from sofas, carpets. etc.,. Bedding, clothing, towels, etc, can be washed in hot soapy water and dried in a hot drier. Brushes and combs can be soaked in hot water or alcohol for 10 minutes. Cover those—which cannot be washed—with plastic and leave for 10 days. This will allow time for any lice to starve, for nits to hatch and the off-spring to starve.