Natural remedies for low blood pressure

Low  blood pressure or ‘hypotension’ is a condition in which the blood pumped by the heart into the arteries fails to maintain the normal pressure. It is defined as a chronic reduction in the systolic blood pressure to levels below 100 mmHg. If you experience the symptoms like weakness, nausea and a feeling of fainting and your systolic blood pressure is below 100 mmHg, you can try natural remedies for low blood pressure to get immediate relief. If the blood pressure falls very low, palpitation may occur in the heart for some patients, you should immediately consult your M.D .

Cause of low blood pressure

Low blood pressure may be caused by hemorrhage due to injury or bursting of an ulcer in stomach or extreme and heavy bleeding during the menstrual cycle or food poisoning, resulting in water loss in the body due to extreme diarrhea and anemia.

Natural remedies for low blood pressure

Treat the cause of the low blood pressure and take complete bed rest until your blood pressure returns to normal levels.

Change your diet

Intake of strong intoxicants like alcohol, strong tea and coffee, smoking, fried food, polished food, should be stopped immediately. Light food with lots of easily digestible protein and carbohydrates should be taken. Small quantities of food should be taken more often. Fruit juices. vegetable soup, steamed vegetables are useful.

Eat walnuts and raisins

Take blood forming fruits. If dry fruits, especially raisins and walnuts, can be digested easily, then they must be taken often. Fruits like mango, banana, grapes, apple and apple juice help in blood formation.

Drink honey water

Honey, sprouts and fermented food will be easily digested and contain yeast and vitamin P. Honey water, prepared by mixing one tea spoon of honey in water, is effective in normalizing the blood pressure

Garlic flower

Chewing a garlic flower help improves low blood pressure

Rosemary Tea

The essential oil in rosemary leaves stimulates the blood flow and has central analeptic effects attributed to the constituents camphor and cineol. A circulatory tonic effect of the rosemary has been empirically demonstrated. Add a pinch of rosemary herb to your green tea to get a relief from low blood pressure.

Rosemary Tincture

 Take 5 drops of rosemary tincture (1 : 5) in a little warm water. 15 minutes before meals, 3 times a day.

Rosemary leaf bath

Steep 50 g of rosemary leaf in 1 liter of boiled water for 30 minutes. then strain and add to full bath or hip bath. Bathe for 10 minutes at 34 — 36 degree C after getting up in the morning and rest for 1 hour afterward.

 Note: Rosemary baths are stimulating. they should not be taken before retiring at night.


  • Acetanilidum: For persons who are anemic, pale. exhausted, with low blood pressure, low rate of pulse which can be irregular and imperceptible. The cardiac activity weakened, in some cases the feet or ankles swollen and the blood pressure mostly very low. body temperature lower than the normal and in general you will gain the impression that the whole organism functioning in a very low gear
  • Carbo veg : To raise the blood pressure in all cases 
  • Camph 30 c: For low blood pressure due to shock