Cure hives following natural remedies

Hives are a reaction to an an allergen that cause the body to create reddish welts, which itch terribly. Often the allergen is a food but it can be any substance including antibiotics or over the counter medicines. Following home remedies can be used to cure hives. However, if the severity is high seek medical treatment immediately.

Natural remedies to cure hives

Calendula for hives

If left unchecked, Hives can quickly spread to the whole body including the respiratory system causing difficulty in breathing. If such is the case or if it is spreading quickly, do not try to treat it at home, seek medical treatment immediately as it could be life threatening.

Detox by juicing

carrot beet and apple juice to detox and cure hives

Detox your body by juicing for three days; use carrot, apple and beet juices (include beet tops). Also use barley, spirulina, and blue-green algae.

Calming tincture

As with any type of itching it helps to calm the body first. A calming tea or tincture can help. To make a tincture, take 1 part linden flower, 1 part skullcap, 2 part catnip , 1 part lavender, and 1/2 part peppermint. Take 30 drops with warm water in the beginning and then 10-15 drops every hour, till the itching stops.

Warm lavender oil bath

Add 5-7  drops of Lavender Essential Oil to a warm bath to calm your body.

Sooth your body with calendula or green claycure hives with calendula

Make a paste of green clay and water and apply it to Hives affected

area. A Calendula cream is also found to be soothing for skin.

Digestive foods 

Use foods that help in digestion and are rich in digestive enzymes like yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut juice.

Make water your best friend

Drink a glass of water every two hours, to flush out impurities.  Avoid alcohol, coffee, junk food, processed foods, meat, fried foods and foods high in saturated fats.

Follow high fiber diet

Eat whole foods whenever possible. Follow a high-fiber diet including oats, brown rice, beans, raw fruits and vegetables. Eat cold water fish twice a week. Use flax seeds or flax seed oil in salads.

Apply ice

Rubbing an ice cube over the affected area for several minutes can actually help shrink the hives. Wrap the ice in a cloth and Keep the cube moving, so it doesn’t freeze the surface of your skin.

Note: This remedy is not appropriate For anyone who develops hives when exposed to cold.

Sit in some oatmeal

Colloidal oatmeal effectively relieves the itching associated with hives. Following the package instructions, add the powder to a tub of lukewarm water, then climb in and soak for 10 to 15 minutes. Make sure that the water is lukewarm. Hot water can aggravate hives.

Stay cool, hang loose

Because heat can make hives worse, try to keep yourself as cool as possible You’ll also feel more comfortable if you wear loose-fitting clothes.

Pop a quercetin pill

If you get hives when you eat certain foods, try taking 250 milligrams of quercetin 20 minutes before eating them. A plant compound, quercetin has antihistamine properties, which may discourage outbreaks. Quercetin supplements are sold in health food stores and some drugstores, often in combination with vitamin C.