Ear infection natural remedies

Kids may corner the market when it comes to ear infections, but that doesn’t mean that grownups can’t get them, too. If you suspect that you have an ear infection, then use these ear infection natural remedies to quickly relieve ear pain and discomfort.

Of course, most conventional doctors will almost immediately put a patient with an ear infection on antibiotics—without bothering to check if the infection is caused by bacteria (and only about half are). On top of that, antibiotics have a tendency to build up bacteria’s resistance and lead to recurrent, and often chronic, infections. The trick is to get to the cause of the problem.

“If we believe that the body can heal itself, then there are two ways we can treat any patient.”  “One. remove anything that is stressful to their system. And two, build their resistance.”

Natural immune booster to heal ear infections

Ear infection natural remedies with echinacea

Taking astragalus or echinacea herbs with proven immune’ boosting powers, can help boost the immune system. Look for tinctures or whole herb preparations, and take a dose three times a day during an infection (follow label instructions).

Foods to avoid to treat ear infection

According to Michael A. Schmidt, visiting professor of applied biochemistry and clinical nutrition at Northwestern College in Bloomington. Minn, the food that causes the most allergies and sensitivity is dairy. Other common triggers are chocolate, wheat, eggs, citrus, sugar, yeast, soy and corn. “Responses are dose-related, meaning that some people can tolerate a food occasionally, but they have problems if they get too much.“ He says, if you, or ,  more likely, your child are getting chronic ear infections, one of the simplest things you could do is eliminate dairy and see if the problem goes away. Schmidt says, if dairy doesn’t scum to be the offender, look at the other foods you’re eating consistently. (Food sensitivities and allergies often involve more than one food. He adds, so don’t conclude your investigation after you’ve found one trigger). In addition, Schmidt suggests cutting down on sugar, which can suppress immune function and exacerbate inflammation.

Hot bottle to reduce ear infection pain

Feel the heat. Hold a hot-water bottle, a hot towel, or a heating pad over the affected ear for up to 20 minutes. ( If you’re using a hot-water bottle or a heating pad, warm it to a comfortably hot temperature and wrap it in a towel before applying it.) Heat stimulates blood flow, which alleviates pain. It also marshals white blood cells, your body’s infection-fighters, to the ear area.

Mullein flower oil to treat ear infection

An oil extract made from the herb mullein, a member of the snap—dragon family, has potent antibacterial properties. Put a bottle of the oil (sold in most health food stunts) in a small pan of water and mildly heat it over low heat until it’s warm but not hot. Gently shake the bottle, then put a drop or two of the oil on your wrist. If the temperature feels comfortable, use an eyedropper to put a drop of the oil in the affected ear. To coax the drops into your ear, gently pull your ear back and up to straighten the ear canal. Plug the ear’s opening with a wad of cotton. Repeat two or three times a day until the infection clears. Don’t use this remedy if your eardrum is perforated.

Chinese Qigong to heal ear infection

Take a deep breath. The deep-breathing techniques practiced in Qigong, a Chinese healing discipline, may help relieve ear pain, because they oxygenate the body, strengthen the immune system and open blockages. Here’s one to try: Imagine that the area from behind your navel to your upper chest is an accordion. Inhale through your nose to fill this area with air and expand the accordion. Exhale, allowing the air to escape through your lips and collapse the accordion. Continue breathing this way until you feel relaxed and the pain eases, this breathing be done from time to time over a 24-hour period.

Earache: Onions & Garlic

Rich in sulfur compounds, onion fights ear infections when used topically.

If the pain lingers, add a few drops of garlic oil.

Try It
Saute an onion in a tiny bit of water until translucent, and load the mixture into an old, clean sock or flannel cloth. While the onion is still warm, put the sock over the ear and hold it in place. If the ache is deep, treat both ears even if only one hurts.

To make garlic-infused oil, add three or four crushed cloves of garlic to 1/4 cup olive oil and warm them gently in a saucepan for 20 minutes. Strain and cool. Using a dropper, add a few drops of warm oil into the ear canal every four hours until the infection clears.