Natural remedies for Ear ringing – Tinnitus

Ear ringing is sometimes caused by excess consumption of’ coffee, alcohol, or aspirin, medication,  catarrh, smoking, trauma, exposure to loud noise, arteriosclerosis, and allergies. If only one ear is affected, it is more likely to be the left ear. The word tinnitus comes from Latin roots,  meaning “tinkle like a bell. It may sound interesting, however, ear ringing is very annoying and often impacts one ear only. So it is important to determine the cause and attend to the source of the problem using natural remedies for ear ringing (Tinnitus)

Natural remedies for ear ringing using Ginkgo

ginkgo for memory enhancement

Ginkgo biloba taken orally (a daily dose of a tea, tincture, or capsule) can help diminish the sounds of tinnitus by improving nerve signal transmission as well as increasing the brain’s utilization of‘ oxygen.

Elder flowers to diminish ear ringing

Elder flowers (opening to the channels, including Eustachian tubes), can help diminish the tinnitus or ear ringing.

Herbs to help remedy ear ringingchamomile tea for ear ringing tinnitus

Other herbs that can help are oregano (which moves blockage), black cohosh (which is antispasmodic), violet leaves (which have been used since ancient times to open the ears). and chamomile (which calms inflamed nerves). Look For combinations of some of these herbs at natural food or herbal stores and take a dose three times a day as a tea, tincture, or capsule.

Niacin Supplement for ear ringing

Niacin supplementation may also help by improving circulation to the ears and moving blockages. Try 50 mg three times daily. (Warning Note : Niacin will make you feel hot, red and prickly for up to 10 minutes as it improves circulation.) Drink some water and rest or take with a meal.

Natural remedies for swimmer’s ears

Swimming exposes the ears to a number of  possible problem-causing bacteria and fungi. To prevent swimmers’ ear. shake the head somewhat vigorously or jump up and down with the head tilted to one side after being in water. If necessary, you can make a simple solution to put in the ears after swimming by adding 1 teaspoon (5 ml) of white vinegar to 4 tablespoons (60 ml) of freshly boiled water (allow to cool before using). After swimming. put 2 drops of the mixture in each ear up to three times daily. Store in the refrigerator.

Make your own ear drops for swimmer’s ears

A homemade concoction of alcohol and vinegar can help clear up swimmer’s ear and keep it from coming back. The alcohol evaporates the water trapped inside your car, while the vinegar kills the infection-causing bacteria. Combine equal parts rubbing alcohol and distilled white vinegar in a clean eyedropper bottle. Use the eyedropper to put a few drops of the solution in the affected ear. To coax the drops into your ear, gently pull your ear back and up to straighten the ear canal. One application may be all you need to cure swimmer’s ear, but it’s a good idea to use drops after every swim to prevent future infections(If-you’ve ever punctured your eardrum, this remedy isn’t for you).


Natural remedies for bug in the ear

To remove a hug from your ear, turn your ear toward the sun, as many bugs are attracted to the light. If it’s nighttime, darken the room and shine a flashlight in the ear to draw the post out. If this does not work. pour 1 teaspoon (5 ml) of warm olive oil in the ear and let it sit with the ear turned upward for 1 to 2 minutes. The last resort is to gently fill the ear with warm water. These last two remedies drown the bug and get it to float to the top.

Natural remedies for airplane ears

Also known as barotitis, this complaint occurs when a plane ascends or descends and the surrounding air pressure changes and causes vacuum pressure to form in the middle ear, causing pain. Simple remedies include swallowing, yawning, and chewing gum. (Look for chewing gum at a natural food store; otherwise, you might be stuck with artificial sugary stuff‘ from the airport.) Infants can be nursed (most comforting) or given a bottle or  pacifier during and landing to remedy airplane ears.