Natural remedies for heel spur

arnica for inflammationHeel spur typically refers to a pointed growth consisting of calcium deposits on the heel bone, it is also called bone spur. Those afflicted may experience pain while walking or standing, or they may have no symptoms. Now help can be found in natural remedies for heel spur using essential oils, herbs and nutritional supplements.


For those with pain, it may be associated with stress on the achilles tendon, which might be caused by hiking, jogging, or improper footwear.

Possible cause

Excess weight, arthritis, tendonitis, and neuritis are associated with bone spurs. A high intake of oxalate foods (peanuts and chard, among others) resulting in a high level of oxalic acid in the body may also contribute to bone spur formation. Excessive levels of oxalic acid interfere with the absorption of calcium, leading to calcium deposits in the form of bone spurs.

Natural remedies for heel spur

Try these remedies to cure heel spurs naturally

Essential Oils

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Make a liniment to relieve the pain of a bone spur. Combine 2 drops each of essential oils of Helichrysum, Eucalyptus citriodora (lemon eucalyptus), and Birch with 2 droppersful (2 ml) of arnica tincture or St. John’s wort tincture. In addition to warming, analgesic properties, this mixture is anti-inflammatory and helps calm nerve endings. Gently rub the liniment into the afflicted area as needed.

Diet recommendations

Eat fiber rich foods to cure bone spur. Eating food rich in magnesium can help cure heel spur as magnesium will help dissolve calcium deposits.

Blackberry Juiceblackberry

Eating blackberries help reduce the heel spurs. Alternatively you can drink blackberry juice twice a day.

Foods to avoid

Avoid citrus fruits, sugar, alcohol, coffee, excess salt, and high-oxalate foods like peanuts

Herbal remedy for heel spur

Hydrangea root capsules are found to be very effective for bone spurs.

(Note that hydrangea leaves are poisonous, but the roots are not)

Take 9 capsules (325 mg each.) daily until the pain is gone, then cut back to 6 capsules daily. If the pain returns, go back up to 9. Drink lots of water, at least 8 glasses (8 ounces each) a day.

Homeopathy For a bone spur,

take Hekla lava  12 c, Take the remedy 2 times a day until symptoms improve

Vitamin C paste

Vitamin c applied topically has the ability to lessen or completely alleviate pain from a heel spur.

Combine vitamin C powder (no more than 15 g) with enough water to form a paste, spread it on gauze pad, and tape the pad in the afflicted heel. Do this for a few days, until the pain abates. Vitamin C is absorbed through the heel and provides needed collagen and elastin (important components in connective tissue such as ligaments and tendons) to the extremely tight tendon involved in a heel spur.

Do not be alarmed if your heel turns brown; the brown Comes right off with washing.

Nutritional Supplements

Helpful supplements include betaine HCI, calcium, and magnesium.

Take betain HCI

Many people are deficient in stomach acid (hydrocloric acid, or HCI), which is necessary for proper uptake of calcium. Ensuring absorption helps prevent Calcium deposits in body tissue.Take betaine HCI as directed by the manufacturer.

Take calcium and magensium

Ensure that you are getting a proper ratio of calcium and magnesium, which function in concert with each other, can also help prevent calcium deposits. Typical dosage is 1,500 mg of calcium and 750 mg of magnesium. The chelate form of these minerals is more easily absorbed by the body.

Do not use reflexology on an injured or painful foot.

Wear backless shoes

Obviously, don’t wear shoes when you have it in place, or wear  backless shoes. Alternatively, place the stone on The bone spur area and rest quietly several times a day for 10-15 minutes.

Stop skiing machine exercise

If bone spurs were caused by working out on a skiing exercise machine, which can impact the heels. immediately stop using the machine, to heal bone spurs.

Apple cider vinegar 

Drink one tbsp of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water. Also take a piece of brown wrapping paper (grocery bag works) and cut it into the shape to fit in heel of your shoe. Soak the paper well in Apple Cider Vinegar, place in shoe and wear every day re-soaking periodically. Within 2-3 weeks your heel spur would be gone.


Put a few golf balls in a sock, tie the sock so the golf balls don’t fall out and then roll your heel/foot over the golf balls to get pain relief.  Alternatively fill a 500 ml plastic bottle with with water and freeze it. Once frozen roll your heel/foot over it. These remedies will take a little while to work but they do help the problem

Heel stretch

Podiatrist recommend this foot stretches. The one that works best is taking a bath towel (an exercise band works, too) and placing it on the ball of the foot, then straightening out leg and pulling the top of the foot back toward the body. Hold for 10 seconds, then relax. Do three sets of these three times a day. It work wonders.

Coconut oil massagecoconut oil for liver disease

The massage of coconut oil, along with eating of coconut capsules, is useful in relieving the heel from pain.

Flax seed heat pack

Applying a flax seed heat pack helps reduce the inflammation caused by heel spurs. To make a Flax seed heat pack; heat some Flax seeds and wrap the seeds in a cloth. Now wrap the pad around the area with the spur. Leave the heat pack on until it is no longer warm. Repeat 4 to 5 times daily.

Take turmeric powder

Mix 1/4 tsp of turmeric powder in a warm cup of milk and drink it at night time, before sleep.  curcumin a yellow pigment found in turmeric can help relieve the pain associated with bone spur. Take the remedy for a month time, at least.

Alternatively curcumin capsules can be taken. Take 500 mg of curcumin 4 times a day on an empty stomach. Doing this will relieve the symptoms of spurs.