Natural remedies for heel spur


Heel spur typically refers to a pointed growth consisting of calcium deposits on the heel bone, it is also called bone spur. Those afflicted may experience pain while walking or standing, or they may have no symptoms. Now help can be found in natural remedies for heel spur using essential oils, herbs and nutritional supplements…. 

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Natural remedies to get rid of body odor

fresh lime

Any strenuous activity in hot summers can result in sweating and strong body odor. The culprit is not sweat itself, but the bacteria that use sweaty skin as a breeding ground. You can fight the bacteria by showering regularly with soap and using natural antiperspirant. Also be sure to wash workout clothes often. If body… 

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Natural remedies for athlete’s foot


Athlete’s foot, is a common fungus infection in which the skin of the feet, especially on the sole and toes, becomes itchy and sore, with scaling, inflammation and blisters. Blisters that break, exposing raw patches of tissue, can cause pain, oozing, swelling and disagreeable smell. Sometimes this disease can spread to the toenails and other… 

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Natural hair conditioner


Want hair with natural body, bounce and shine without damaging effects of chemical used in commercial shampoos, use natural hair conditioners like henna leaves. Chemical dyes can, in fact damage the hair structure. while henna protects it. Henna has the ability of coating the hair shaft, thus conditioning and thickening the hair. Henna hair conditioner… 

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How to treat insect bites naturally


Insect bites and more importantly mosquito bites are nuance that is not preventable in summers, nothing is 100 percent foolproof. They prey on even the tiniest bit of exposed skin, How to treat insect bites naturally? arm yourself with some handy ways to ease the itching, pain and swelling use commonly available ingredients. Treat insect bites… 

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Eye Infection Natural Remedies


Eye infections are common and can affect individuals of any age and gender. Eye infection natural remedies work when most eye drops fail to produce effective results. Eye infection treatment largely depends on the causes of the infection. For instance, conjunctivitis, which is one of the most common eye infections, causes the eye to turn pink… 

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How to get rid of Sinus Allergy


Some of the most common sinus allergy triggers are pollen, ragweed, grass, pet dander, dust mites, and mold. At times some chemicals in the air can also trigger allergies, a runny nose can be caused by allergies from airborne chemicals.. While seasonal nasal allergies only occur in the springtime when trees, flowers and plants bloom, perennial… 

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How to lose pounds using natural remedies


How to lose pounds using natural weight loss remedies? Short answer: Avoid refined sugars and refined white flour. Try these simple remedies, to hear the words — “Have you lost weight?” Here is a simple and fast weight loss program that anyone can follow to lose pounds in days not weeks. It doesn’t matter whether… 

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Liver Cleanse : How to Detox Liver Naturally


This is part two of the multi-part series on liver cleansing. In the first part we discuss the liver functions and disorders. Part two describes the liver cleansing process in detail. Liver Cleansing: How to detox the liver Since gallstones in the liver contribute to the occurrence of several liver diseases, taking some simple steps to remove them… 

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How to make Tinctures

herbal tincture

A common question asked by people who would like to use herbal remedies at home is; How to make tinctures at home? We have listed here a simple step by step process to make tinctures at home. Tinctures Tinctures are concentrated herbal extracts that are made using alcohol, apple cider vinegar or glycerin and chopped herbs. Since… 

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