Natural hair loss remedies


It is normal to lose up to fifty scalp hairs a day as the follicles go through their cycles. However, if enough follicles tail to produce new hairs after the old ones have been shed, or if the hair produced is weak and brittle, noticeable thinning and /or loss of hair can result. This process often… 

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Natural remedies for tooth decay in children


Tooth decay is the most common childhood disease. Learn how to care for baby teeth and deal with kids who are scared of dentist appointments. These time tested natural remedies for tooth decay in children can help. Studies show that children who eat yogurt two to four times a week are less likely to have tooth… 

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Natural first aid treatment for Pneumonia at home


Over 2 million cases of Pneumonia are diagnosed in US every year. Pneumonia is an inflammation of the lungs and is caused primarily by bacteria, viruses, and chemical irritants. There are really more than 50 causes and it would be too lengthy to go into them here. If you are unable to seek medical help, there… 

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How to get rid of Kidney infection naturally


Some people, for one reason or another, seem to be prone to kidney or bladder infections. How to get rid of Kidney infection naturally? It does help to use diuretics to flush the kidneys every once in a while. Diuretics increase the flow of urine. The body rids itself of poisons through the urinary system…. 

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Cancer prevention and cure with diet


Cancer is a proof of the body’s incredible intelligence and capacity to adapt and defend itself. It could be compared to a cleaning operation performed in an environment, a house or room. After sweeping the floor, the dirt is collected and thrown away. Everything is thrown into bins used to prevent pollution In this way,… 

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Cough Home Remedies


A cough is only a symptom, not a disease, and often the importance of cough can be determined only when other symptoms are evaluated. A cough is your body’s way of responding to irritants in your throat and airways. Through cough body gets rid of irritants; toxins, foreign material or mucus. An irritant stimulates nerves in your… 

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