Boost low metabolism with diet

flax seeds for osteoarthritis

Boost low metabolism with diet, follow a diet that’s high in fiber (vegetables. nuts, seeds, whole grains). Water soluble fiber, as found in oat bran. beans, nuts, seeds, and apples helps to balance blood sugar. Ground flaxseeds should be consumed daily. Consume 1 tablespoon with each meal or a cup of water daily. Facts: Many… 

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Diet plan to reverse metabolic syndrome


Metabolic syndrome (also called syndrome X or insulin-resistance syndrome) is a collection of conditions that often occur together and can increase your risk of type 2 diabetes, stroke and heart disease. Natural remedies to reverse metabolic syndrome are eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, not smoking and losing weight will reduce your risk of the diseases… 

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Hormone imbalance natural treatment


A high-stress lifestyle coupled with improper eating habits can wreak havoc on a woman’s delicate hormonal balance. Even healthy women who follow a good diet may find glitches in their hormones. Hormones affect men and women throughout their lives, and keeping hormones balanced should be a health priority. Lets talk about some common hormone imbalance natural treatments… 

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Diet plan tips for high cholesterol patients


If you have been diagnosed with high blood cholesterol level, you must avoid high cholesterol foods such as beef,  saturated fat meals and oily foods, including junk food. Avoid foods that contain trans fat. Also limit your intake of refined flour and white sugar. Here are some tips to control your cholesterol levels through diet… 

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Gingivitis and periodontal prevention remedies


Psychologists have discovered that when people smile, they can activate brain centers that signal happiness, even if they didn’t feel particularly happy to begin with. Imagine all the feel-good moments you’ll miss out on if you’re too self conscious about your teeth to smile. Many of us are more concerned with how our smiles look… 

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Natural Inflammation cure


Most of us understand inflammation as something that causes redness, tenderness stiffness, and pain. Everyone experiences inflammation at one time or another, and we actually need it to survive. But chronic inflammation is a sign that something has gone seriously awry with our health. Instead of protecting and healing, chronic inflammation breaks down our body and… 

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