How to stop menstrual pain and excessive bleeding

cod liver oil

Heavy bleeding does not necessarily mean there is anything seriously wrong, but it can affect a woman physically, emotionally and socially, and can cause disruption to everyday life. So how to stop menstrual pain and excessive bleeding during periods? Try some of our natural remedies to stop menstrual pain and excessive bleeding. Causes As per… 

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Menopause hot flashes natural remedies


Perhaps the most common complaints about menopause revolve around the dreaded hot flashes. Waves of heat that start in the chest and spread to the neck and head, leaving women sweaty, hot, flushed, and irritable. About 75 percent of women experience hot flashes. A single hot flash can last anywhere from 30 seconds to 30 minutes,… 

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Gingivitis and periodontal prevention remedies


Psychologists have discovered that when people smile, they can activate brain centers that signal happiness, even if they didn’t feel particularly happy to begin with. Imagine all the feel-good moments you’ll miss out on if you’re too self conscious about your teeth to smile. Many of us are more concerned with how our smiles look… 

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Natural remedies for iron deficiency anemia


Among women of reproductive age, iron-deficiency anemia is the most common. The primary cause is menstruation. Menstruation depletes your body’s supply of iron, you run low on iron, your body produces fewer and smaller red blood cells. There is less hemoglobin, which means there is less oxygen floating around your bloodstream. This lack of oxygen… 

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Natural hair loss remedies


It is normal to lose up to fifty scalp hairs a day as the follicles go through their cycles. However, if enough follicles tail to produce new hairs after the old ones have been shed, or if the hair produced is weak and brittle, noticeable thinning and /or loss of hair can result. This process often… 

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How to get natural healthy nails


It’s not a pretty sight, if your nails are either splitting, peeling, flaking or brittle and if your hands are dry, rough and chapped. Not just in winter, not just after you’ve finished a sink full of dishes. Every day. All the time. And it’s not like that you have not gone the distance to… 

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Natural remedies to improve prostate health


The prostate is a small gland nestled around the urethra, the duct that drains the bladder. In many men over age forty-five, the gland tends to gradually grow larger. If the gland grows too large, it can begin to squeeze the urethra, making urination difficult. Those who suffer from an enlarged prostate often feel the… 

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