Gingivitis and periodontal prevention remedies


Psychologists have discovered that when people smile, they can activate brain centers that signal happiness, even if they didn’t feel particularly happy to begin with. Imagine all the feel-good moments you’ll miss out on if you’re too self conscious about your teeth to smile. Many of us are more concerned with how our smiles look… 

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Natural bad breath remedies


Bad breath may be the result tooth decay, gum infection, or poor dental hygiene, but it often has its roots in poor diet, digestion, and elimination. In this Case, bad breath is actually the smell of putrefied food and bacterial waste in the gastrointestinal tract. When this is the cause of bad breath, a mouthwash… 

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Natural teeth whitening remedies


Natural teeth whitening remedies for those hoping to steer clear of chemical treatments. There are a few techniques that can possibly help your smile to sparkle naturally. The first step is good oral hygiene. “Health and beauty are intertwined, if something is healthy, it’s going to look beautiful. If it’s sick, no amount of white… 

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Natural remedies for tooth decay in children


Tooth decay is the most common childhood disease. Learn how to care for baby teeth and deal with kids who are scared of dentist appointments. These time tested natural remedies for tooth decay in children can help. Studies show that children who eat yogurt two to four times a week are less likely to have tooth… 

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Achieving tooth health natural way


Even though Americans have checkups, fluoridated water, and new improved toothpastes, about 35 percent will have full or partial dentures by age 60. Some tooth problems are hereditary, others aggravated by lack of care. Many tooth problems can be helped with good nutrition and proper care. Achieving tooth health natural way is very much possible,… 

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How to stop toothache pain fast and naturally


Good teeth are the indication of good health, however over exposure to a variety of sugary food and drinks can make them prone to infections. Toothache is a most common complaint in adults and kids. How to stop toothache pain fast and naturally at home? Try some clove oil, put a drop of clove oil on… 

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