Achieving tooth health natural way

Even though Americans have checkups, fluoridated water, and new improved toothpastes, about 35 percent will have full or partial dentures by age 60. Some tooth problems are hereditary, others aggravated by lack of care. Many tooth problems can be helped with good nutrition and proper care. Achieving tooth health natural way is very much possible, here we list some time tested remedies to achieve tooth health.

“Some people who lose their second set of teeth get a third one—from their dentist!”

Achieving tooth health natural way

 Over $1 billion is spent in United States alone on tooth whitening , but there’s more to dental health than white teeth. To have truly healthy teeth. you’ll need to learn some unpleasant truths about the dynamics of food, plaque, decay, tartar, and gum disease. None of it is pretty. Except for your teeth, which can shine with just a few changes to your diet and dental routine.

Use chewing stick for oral health

Cultures that use chewing sticks for oral hygiene have lower instances of dental disease. Pick a twig from a bay, beech, birch, dogwood, fir, eucalyptus, juniper, maple, neem, oak pine, poplar or sumac tree. Peel off the bark. Use your teeth to chew the twig and until it is bristly. Then use this to gently massage your teeth and gums. You can also dip the twig in water and baking soda.

Strengthen your teeth with herbs

alfalfa for ulcers

Herbs that provide nutrients for strengthening the teeth include alfalfa. horsetail. nettles, and oat straw.

Try drinking! a tea of various combinations of these plants three times daily. Bilberry and hawthorn are high in flavonoids, which may be helpful in protecting the periodontal ligaments.

Natural supplements for tooth health

Try these natural supplements to achieve tooth health the natural way


the main element of which teeth are composed is a necessary nutrient for teeth and gums. Calcium can help prevent bone loss and teeth grinding. Be sure to use a calcium supplement that is either a chelate, citrate, or hydroxyapatite. Calcium is best assimilated with some magnesium, so take 1.000 mg calcium and 500 mg magnesium daily.

Note that excess soft drinks and meat can contribute to calcium loss

Vitamin C

Take 100 mg daily with bioflavonoids (500 mg daily) can help prevent and treat sore and bleeding gums since they help collagen production. Vitamin C deficiency can contribute to breakdown of connective tissue that produces blood vessel walls, bone matrix. cartilage. collagen, and dentin. However, it is best to avoid chewable vitamin C, especially for adults, as the ascorbic acid can be corrosive to dental enamel.

Vitamin B Complex

Deficiency of B vitamins, especially folic acid, can cause weakened gums. Birth control pills can create a need for more B complex. Take 50 mg B complex and 400 mg folic acid daily (which is likely to be contained in the B complex tablet).

Coenzyme Q10

Take 50 to 100 mg twice daily. CoQ10 has been found helpful for gingivitis. It improves circulation and increases oxygen levels in the tissues.

Vitamin E

Take 400 (IU) with selenium (50 mg). They are both natural antioxidants. Rub them on gums to tonify the tissues. after pricking the capsule with a pin.

Vitamin D

(1,000 IU) helps bone Formation- Zinc (15 mg) inhibits plaque formation and inflammation. These last two supplements are taken orally daily.

WHEN TO SEE YOUR M.D. If your tooth is knocked out, get to a dentist within half an hour! If the tooth is loose but doesn’t fall out of your mouth,keep it in your mouth (place it into the socket), cover with sterile gauze, apply slight compression, and get to a dentist or an emergency room where dentists are on call.

If the tooth falls out of your mouth. rinse dirt and blood and replace it in the socket. The roots of the tooth must be kept moist. Don’t hold the tooth by the root! If it does fall out and can‘t be kept in the mouth due to other injuries, store it in milk wrapped in a cloth or piece of gauze as you hasten to the dentist. Or simply hold the tooth under the tongue until dental health has been obtained.

Take two drops of  homeopathic arnica (3 or 4 pellets under the tongue four times daily) to help deal with the trauma of the event.